The prompt for this project was to create an Urban intervention of an urban scale derived through a thorough study of the site. The site has a rich and unusual geographical history, as Marble hill was once part of the Manhattan Island but is currently part of Bronx, mainland New York. This change occurred due to conscious decisions made to redirect the Harlem canal and as a result the entire neighbourhood was moved. Regardless of the physical change the neighbourhood is still legally part of Manhattan

The site now presents itself as a series of connections derived through these urban moves over time. It is connected back to Manhattan through three bridges (aka threaded connections). Through a programmatic study I realised that the site was segregated into areas of specific program. In order to weave back both the segregated programs and and Marble Hill back to bronx, I propose a sky city, which is a series of connections filled in with program to benefit the community and attract traffic and tourism. The new connections have the potential to grow larger. 


Site : Marble hill, Bronx/Manhattan NY

Evolution of the threaded connections

Evolution of the intangible divide

Initial massing diagram

Shows the ability of the sky city to expand beyond its horizons.

Programs featured in the Sky City :

South Facing Elevation

- Hotel

- Casino

- Mall

- Art Gallery

- Theatre

- Market Place

- Restaurant

- Open Public Space


Hotel Lobby

Art Gallery

Public Space


Market Place

Long Section

Short Section