Client : Community Music Works

Site : Fort Greene, Brooklyn NY

Through a series of explorations and investigations this project’s requirement was to produce an outdoor and indoor performance space that would also include other programmatic spaces. The client for this project was a community based music school, Music Works, located in Providence, MA. The site was a 95 ft by 80 ft plot in Fort Greene Brooklyn.

The building itself consists of three stories – basement, street level and first floor. Because the site and the client are both extremely community oriented I wanted to allow the design of my building to create that sense of community and connection between the community inside and out. I achieved this through an L shaped building that housed a puzzle like terrain within and featured an all ‘transparent’ floor at street level. The glass exteriors at the street level invited people from the street and allowing a glimpse of the terrain, which would serve as the outdoor theatre, through the building. The building has an inward-pitched roof that defines the indoor performance space.




- Outdoor Performance Space

- Indoor Performance Space

- Potluck Kitchen

- Dining Space

- Practise Rooms

- Administration Offices

- Instrument Storage/Museum


Basement level plan

Ground level plan

First floor plan

Mezzanine level plan


South Facing Section

North Facing Elevation

West Facing Section

West Facing Elevation


The inward-pitched roof is the highlight of the building; at grade the steep slope that defines the roof can be seen from the south street. This pitch is what defines the shape of the indoor theatre. The ceiling of the pitch inside the theatre slopes from 15ft to 35ft. The theatre is designed to be versatile of its audience size, extra seating can be made available on a mezzanine floor.


The building is constructed from concrete; the exterior walls are filled with glass fibre to allow for sound insulation. Thin concrete panels are cladded onto the surface of the building that serves as a non load-bearing structure. At grade the glass exterior walls are double-glazed and obtain a 9in thick glass wall. The double glaze allows for better sound insulation.


The outdoor proscenium is a second facade on the inner corner of the L shaped building. The proscenium comprises of a porus hexagonal pattern that covers the entire face of the building. The proscenium comprises of a porus hexagonal pattern that covers the entire face of the building. The hexagons are 5ft 1/4in high and 6ft wide. The size of these hexagon panels are contrived to reflect most if not all the sound waves back into the audience, creating an enhanced acoustical experience. The hexacon panels imply a concave wall, which also helps with sound reflection.


The hexagons are made of maple wood and are 1in thick. They are connected to the face of a building through a steel rod/mullion system. The hexagon panels are detailed so that the joint is hidden, 3/4in is connected to the steel rod and 1/4in is laminated. This allows for a cleaner joint system whilst the steel rods hold down majority of the weight.

Wooden hexagon joint detail

West Facing Section/Elevation


The floating staircase is housed in the indoor theatre and leads up to the mezzanine level for extra seating. The stairs feature multipurpose steel rods that run along the stair to the ceiling, which function as the load bearers of the floating stairs and as railing.


The mian staircase that runs along the building is found on the west edge of the building and bears a total of 30ft width. The staircase mimics the aesthetics of the steel rods found in the floating staircase.


The terrain is located outdoors and features as seating for the outdoor theatre. It mimics the motion of a sound wave using linear and planar elements to do this. The walls and slabs of the stairs are created using hollowed out concrete that are filled with fibre optics. The fibre optics allow for sound insulation and reduce echoing. 

The second staircase in the building is located on the northeast corner of the building. At grade this staircase runs outdoors.